King of Self

The time when one feels the world is up against him, I’m having that feeling right now. Its what makes me feel motivated all the time, like a race against all of the haters and critics who wanted me to fail so badly that I decided to through a chest to all of the obstacles […]

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Preset Past of Mine (D_1!)

via Daily Prompt: Present the best part of going solo or letting go is the parts of the other person present in you. some say they are all out of it but in reality, many things of the other person are still present in us even after years. the stronger you are the stronger you […]

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Cracks in his Armor!

via Daily Prompt: Overcome Sometimes the bravest of all needs to be cuddled and hugged tight to join the broken pieces inside them. You can’t recognize what I’m going through because I hide it well behind my smile, the smile about which someone said it’s the purest and most happy one she has seen in […]

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Last Meeting

via Daily Prompt: Bury Its always good to bury the feelings you once have for someone who just thrashed you and shared your grey areas with their new friends or whatever. Being petty is so much on their nerves that they visualized you as petty too. The only thing that is their ego satisfaction which […]

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